STYLIST---DIRECT PHONE #'s (By Appointment)                                                                             

Nicole  708-227-9177

Basia C. 708-598-3909                                                               

Daiva 708-415-1833                                                                  

Ineta  630-210-2442

Basia T. 708-539-6571                                                             

Lottie 773-818-5222

Vilma  773-983-1598

Teresa  708-336-8378

Spa Technicians--- DIRECT PHONE # (By Appointment)

Massage: Elizabeth 773-341-6469

Nails & Pedicure:  Mateo & Angel  708-949-1252

Waxing & Nails:  Ramune  708-785-0705

Esthetician:  Barbara  708-822-3835

Taylor Nicole Hair Salon & Spa is an entirely independently operated salon.  If you have any questions or concerns that you were not able to receive answers from the technician that serviced your beauty needs for whatever reason, please feel free to contact the owner...                             

Shaun McMillin at 708-373-8267.